Touchdown Rodwell #4

Clean image of bold and colourful artwork on white paper. Thin black lines work with distorted geometric blocks to describe a semi abstract, surreal landscape.

£79Hand-drawn multiple

Begun in 2009, Touchdown Rodwell is a series of five hundred hand-drawn multiples in Copic and Rotring inks on Fabriano 5 paper. This piece, from 2011, is the fourth of the series.

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In the picture below #4 is on top of the framed pile on the right.

Black and white version of the main artwork

Also frame are #6-10. In the middle, finished and unframed, are #11-25. To their left are #26-50. When this photo was taken they had just finished getting their first ink lines and still have graphite guides. Lastly, you have the blanks for #51-250 stacked on the left.