DC5B Ideas

From raw ideas to unique pieces – if it's developed at DC5B you'll find it right here. Come and see what we do, get inspired and tell us about the objects and gifts of your dreams.

  • Rough drawing on paper with Ballpoint and graphite pencil. It's a black and white line-drawing, with three figures and a tree, over a minature landscape and a sky made up of sunbeams. It is signed "DOG '15"

    Fast Moving

    Raw idea

    This sketch is the first raw idea we've posted. It's here so we can get feedback on it. We'll post more raw ideas in time and rework the popular ones.

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  • Touchdown Rodwell #7

    £82Hand-drawn multiple

    Head gone, dragon calm, bush distributed, green detached. Piece seven of Touchdown Rodwell. Sixty square centimetres of Fabriano 5, Copic coloured, Rotring inked, expertly framed.

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  • The dragon in this Touchdown Rodwell has reached the right hand edge of the frame and dips in towards some greenery. The red berries in the bushes have moved and are breaking out white in places. The fire growls low.

    Touchdown Rodwell #6

    £81Hand-drawn multiple

    In number six the dragon takes a dive for the green, the fire grows low and the berries turn white, ready to burst. One of a series of five-hundred hand-drawn multiples – ink on paper.

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  • Another Touchdown Rodwell image. It features a long pink, red and blue dragon, white,yellow and orange clouds, bright blue sky, a yellow field and green bushes.

    Touchdown Rodwell #5

    £80SoldHand-drawn multiple

    Number five of five-hundred. A hand-drawn multiple from our very own Dog 5b. Drawn in London in 2011 using Copic colours, Rotring ink and Fabriano 5 paper. Framed by E17 Arthouse.

    Not available

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  • Customisation

    Your thoughts are invaluable. We develop ideas based on your feedback. So whether it's price, size, quality or something else, just let us know of any changes you want.

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  • Clean image of bold and colourful artwork on white paper. Thin black lines work with distorted geometric blocks to describe a semi abstract, surreal landscape.

    Touchdown Rodwell #4

    £79Hand-drawn multiple

    Begun in 2009, Touchdown Rodwell is a series of five hundred hand-drawn multiples in Copic and Rotring inks on Fabriano 5 paper. This piece, from 2011, is the fourth of the series.

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  • Photograph of a little box nicely wrapped up in glossy, black and white paper. There's a plant and a heavy kitchen mortar in the composition too, all on top of a wooden desk

    Nice bit of wrapping paper

    £15Limited edition

    A3 wrapping paper prototype. Stiffer and heavier than usual, it is pleasure to fold and has a lovely matt finish. Checkout the blog post for more images and details.

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  • Crisp, clean photograph of a hand decorated bottle of Balsamic Vinegar


    £50Original prototype

    Bit of a weird one. Do you like this bottle? It looks a bit like a magic potion. In actual fact it's balsamic vinegar, timelessly decorated in glass, masking tape and rubber.

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  • The site is young

    DC5B is a brand under development. It's not only the products you can influence but the whole business. We're all about puttiing something out there, getting feedback and refining.

    We're building something that we want you to really love, so whatever it is, we'd love to know your reaction. Add your ideas into the mix by telling us what you think.

    Where shall we go from here? 👈 email

  • A white porceline mug that I've drawn on with a black chinagraph pencil

    Space Age Mug

    £500Original prototype

    This is chinagraph pencil on porceline so don't smudge it. Recommended for a careful collector. Would you like it at a different price and without the smudging, let us know.

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  • Black and white artists impression of a Toltec warrior standing in from of Los Atlantis statues with a flying saucer hovering above.

    Los Atlantis

    £1.50Printable Download

    In Tula you can see them. Very strange! In 2008 Dog was asked to draw them with a Toltec Warrior and UFO. Now you can download that scene and print it till your heart's content.

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  • Ink drawing of an unusual face with a blindfold covering the eyes, with eyes printed on the blindfold.

    Eyes On The Blindfold

    £1.50Printable Download

    A colouring sheet. Two faces. One on the front and one on the back. One face has been blindfolded. The other has the eyes closed. The only open eyes are on the blindfold.

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  • A coloured in drawing of a strange bearded face.

    Bearded Strangeface

    £1.50Printable Download

    This bearded face, of ambigious adornment, is shown here in colour. It's been redrawn in black and white at a bigger size to give you a colouring in version, ready to download and print.

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