You must have a head

  • Rough drawing on paper with Ballpoint and graphite pencil. It's a black and white line-drawing, with three figures and a tree, over a minature landscape and a sky made up of sunbeams. It is signed "DOG '15"

    Fast Moving

    An idea up for vote

    Raw idea

    This is an early sketch of an idea. Want to see how it would look reworked?

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  • Touchdown Rodwell #7

    Small scale hand-drawn artwork

    £82 Framed ink on paper

    The dragon goes, the head is gone, the bush bursts, the green is loose. Copic colours, rotring ink, Fabriano 5. Sixty square centimetres of art, framed well.

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  • The dragon in this Touchdown Rodwell has reached the right hand edge of the frame and dips in towards some greenery. The red berries in the bushes have moved and are breaking out white in places. The fire growls low.

    Touchdown Rodwell #6

    One of five-hundred hand-drawn multiples

    £81 Framed ink on paper

    In this one the dragon takes a dive for the green, the fire grows low and the berries start bursting out in white amongst the red.

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  • Another Touchdown Rodwell image. It features a long pink, red and blue dragon, white,yellow and orange clouds, bright blue sky, a yellow field and green bushes.

    Rodwell Hat-trick #5

    AKA Touchdown Rodwell #5 of 500

    £80 Framed ink on paper

    This one is gone now but don't worry there will be more.

    Not available

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  • Prototypes

    This is all new to us (to me really). We're putting ideas out here to get feedback. What do you like? What works? What doesn't?

    Your feedback is not only welcome, it's the way this business is going to grow. Within reason, we want to provide artwork in exactly the way you want it.

    T-shirt, coaster, wall vinyl, colouring in book, huge oil paintings, brass etching. All formats considered. If anything strikes a chord do say.

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  • Clean image of bold and colourful artwork on white paper. Thin black lines work with distorted geometric blocks to describe a semi abstract, surreal landscape.

    Rodwell Hat-trick #4

    AKA Touchdown Rodwell #4 of 500

    £79 Framed ink on paper

    This is the kind of thing this site should be full of - original art, beautifully framed. Rodwell Hat-trick is a series of five hundred hand-drawn multiples, the first fifty get released in small batches over the coming weeks.

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  • Photograph of a little box nicely wrapped up in glossy, black and white paper. There's a plant and a heavy kitchen mortar in the composition too, all on top of a wooden desk

    Nice bit of wrapping paper

    Heavy weight prototype

    £15 A3 Glossy Paper

    So I have some A3 sheets of paper which are prints of some completed artwork. Reckon these would make nice wrapping paper. If it's a good idea I could look into a proper print run to bring the cost down

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  • Crisp, clean photograph of a hand decorated bottle of Balsamic Vinegar


    Magic Beans

    £50 Original prototype

    Bit of a weird one. Do you like this bottle? It looks a bit like a magic potion. In actual fact it's balsamic vinegar.

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  • Your ideas:

    What else can we do? Giclée, large size, choice of medium. Let us know in as much detail as you want.

    We'll look into it! Dreaming, we can manifest beautiful things. First step is dropping a word or two into a message.

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  • A white porceline mug that I've drawn on with a black chinagraph pencil

    Space Age Mug

    Art on mug

    £500 Original prototype

    This is chinagraph pencil on porceline so don't smudge it. Recommended for a careful collector. If people like it I'll do a print run of non-unique, cheaper ones. Let me know

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  • Black and white artists impression of a Toltec warrior standing in from of Los Atlantis statues with a flying saucer hovering above.

    Los Atlantis

    £1.50 Printable Download

    In Tula you can see them. Very strange! In 2008 we draw them with a UFO and a Toltec Warrior on the scene. Now you can spend 50p or £1 or £1.50, etc. and print copies till your heart's content

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  • Ink drawing of an unusual face with a blindfold covering the eyes, with eyes printed on the blindfold.

    Eyes On The Blindfold

    Colouring in sheet

    £1.50 Printable Download

    Imagine having faces on the front and the back of the head. Now imagine one face has been blindfolded, and on the blindfold are the only open eyes. I drew the original in 2009 (shown here). I'll redraw just the lines so you can print it at home or at the library and apply your own colours. Yum

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  • A coloured in drawing of a strange bearded face.

    Bearded Strangeface

    Colouring in sheet

    £1.50 Printable Download

    This bearded face, of ambigious adornment, is shown here in colour but I've since redrawn it in black and white at a bigger size to give you a colouring in version. Let me know if you like it and about other ideas for the artwork. We can do anything!

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